About Us

Welcome to Hatfield Antiques and Founders Ross and Jane Hatfield

Our dream came to us during Covid lockdown, with not a lot else to do and living in a flat we ended up watching a lot of television, cooking shows, gameshows, crime drama and antique shows and that was when we realized that we both shared a passion for antiques and collectables, not always liking the same things, but showing us that we both shared a passion.

When we finally came out of lockdown and things were slowly turning back to some sort of normality, my wife and I started to visit little antique shops, going to different carboots and markets, trying to find those hidden treasures. I also started reading up on what makes an antique and the difference to what is vintage, also looking at what makes somethings collectables and others not and as my knowledge grew so did my passion to follow this dream.

We started doing local antique fairs and finding what sort of items people liked, speaking with both customers and other traders. We definitely made mistakes, like paying to much for things, buying completely the wrong things and sometimes listening to my heart more than my mind, but like I said this is our dream and we are only at the start of the JOURNEY!



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