Collection: Antique Solid Silver

Solid Silver Antiques

Explore our beautiful range of vintage solid silver pieces, including plates, drinking cups and cutlery sets, beautiful jewellery and decorative pieces. Each piece has a mark of authenticity, and is in excellent condition, even if they are well worn. Many antique silver pieces sourced by our team in Nottingham have intricate designs that were popular in their heyday and have a timeless quality that present and future generations will love. Our customers from across Derby, Leicester and surrounding areas have bought many of our silver pieces to add to their collections, or just as an ornament for their homes.

Solid Silver Antique Cutlery Sets

As well as individual pieces of solid silver vintage cutlery, we have a collection of stunning antique cutlery sets that can be used and displayed.

Solid Silver Drinking Cups

Some of our solid silver antique cups were made in the Victorian era, in both simple and ornate designs. These lovely pieces of history are made with over 90% silver, and many of them have inscriptions from the companies that made them.

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