5 Easy Steps To Identify Sterling Silver

5 Easy Steps To Identify Sterling Silver

Question - Why do I need to know the difference between Sterling Silver and Silver Plated?

Answer - Other than the obvious reason of value, silver plated is often a lighter tone than sterling silver and if not properly looked after this can fade and wear off over time to reveal the base metal and because sterling silver is crafted from a metal alloy, rather than a coating, it is often more durable and lighter than its plated counter part, making silve plated an inferior product.

5 Easy Steps To Identify Sterling Silver:

  • Check for a stamp that says 925,.925, 92.5, or Sterling, which indicates the percentage of silver in the item. They may also have characters to denote where they were produced, the Sterling Lion being a sign of English Silver
  • Use a magnet to see if the item is attracted to it. Real sterling silver is not magnetic.
  • Tap the item with a coin and listen for a bell-like sound. Real sterling silver produces a high-pitched ring.
  • Rub the item with a white cloth and look for black marks. Real sterling silver tarnishes when exposed to air.
  • Smell the item after cleaning it. Real sterling silver is odorless


We do sell both Solid Silver and Silver plated on our site and I have carried out all relevant checks to make sure what you are getting is what I am selling. To help where I can I have added an image of the Silver Hallmark to help identify.

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